• Facilities


  • Entire museum : Lot area 86,936㎡; gross floor area 3,097.89㎡
  • Gumi Neo-Confucian History Museum : Lot area 84,440㎡; gross floor area 2,627.27㎡

About Facilities

성리학역사관 시설을 분류별로 나타낸 표입니다.
Exhibitions Gumi History Hall, Neo-Confucianism Exhibition Hall, Special Exhibitions Hall
Learning Experiences Munhwa Sarangbang(Geungunjeong), Yaeungwan Hall(auditorium), Seminar Room (15 seats), Cheongryeomgwan (Integrity) Hall, Yejeolgwan (Etiquette) Hall, Pungryugwan (Arts) Hall, Chungryeolsa
Munhwa Cafés Munhwa Cafés 1(Baegunjae), munhwa Cafés 2(Bukcheonjae)
Facilities Main Office(Gyeongpajeong), Information Center, Restroom, Sammun (Gate), Waterfall, Pond, Seoninjeong Pavilion, Daehyejeong Pavilion, Parking Lot


Main Facilities

  • 구미역사관
    Gumi History Hall

    Artifacts and videos offer you a glimpse into the history, munhwa, and historical figures of Gumi, from ancient times to the present day.

  • 체험관
    Experience Centers

    [ Cheongryeomgwan Hall, Yejeolgwan Hall, Pungryugwan Hall, Seminar Room ]
    We offer a wide range of cultural experience programs for you to enjoy cultural riches in your leisure time. We also have the Seminar Room available for small classes for citizens and club activities.

  • 성리학전시관
    Neo-Confucianism Exhibition Hall

    The gallery houses artifacts, interpretive materials, and digital content that help understand the history and significance of Gumi and Neo-Confucianism in the Joseon Dynasty.

  • 긍운정
    Munhwa Sarangbang

    [ Geungunjeong ]
    In this area, visitors can relax and enjoy reading or chatting. It also offers a space for a woodblock printing experience.

  • 기획전시관
    Special Exhibitions Hall

    We select themes related to Neo-Confucianism and organize special exhibitions twice a year.

  • 백운재
    Munhwa Cafes

    [ Baegunjae, Bukcheonjae ]
    Visitors can enjoy tea and chat in traditional Korean houses. (Baegunjae - chair sitting, Bukcheonjae - floor sitting)

  • 야은관
    Yejeolgwan Hall

    [ Auditorium ]
    The auditorium has a sitting capacity of 128 available for academic conferences, Seonbi University, and other various cultural events.